Mint, Lime & Green Tea Water

Mint, Lime & Green Tea Water

I have got a an easy to make, flavourful and super healthy detox water recipe for you, try out this fabulous Mint, Lime & Green Tea Water and try to include in your diet as much as possible.

Mint, Lime & Green Tea Water

I include a variety of detox water combinations in my daily life, I have always been keen to make it as much as possible by trying so many different combinations. I will soon post some of my favourite detox water recipes here in this space, so stay tuned.

How Does Detox Water Help?

I have been reading a lot blog posts, research articles  and books 📚 on the same topic and all them directed me to one answer, which is “detox water helps improves metabolism, flush out body toxins and enhances over all health.  To read more on this topic, click here.

So it’s been some time since I have started adding detox water recipes into diet plan, I must say that detox waters did not only improves the metabolism but also it did help me refreshed for hours.

Here are some of my favourite drink recipes which I have already shared in the past. Check out Amla Juice, Amla and Ginger Juice , Lemon And Tulsi Detox.

I often make this Mint, Lime & Green Tea Water without honey, but this time around I added honey and you will find honey in this recipe. Honey is optional and mostly I like the slightly bitter, sour and minty flavour combination  in this recipe and hence I don’t add honey.

I hope you will enjoy Mint, Lime & Green Tea Water recipe  and don’t forget leave me your feedback in the comment section below.

Mint, Lime & Green Tea Water Recipe

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

  • Green tea bag -1
  • Hot water – 1 cup
  • Lime juice -1/4 Tsp
  • Mint – 1 sprig
  • Honey -1 Tsp


[directions title=”Directions”]

  1. Heat up water in a sauce, don’t let it boil.
  2. When you bubbles started to form, switch off and remove the water from the fire.
  3. Dip the tea into the warm water and let green tea infuse it’s flavour.
  4. Then Mix in honey ,  lime and let it cool down completely.
  5. Once it’s cooled down, add in the mint leaves and let it rest.
  6. You can drink straight away, but it’s recommended to give at least 10-15 minutes before drinking.
  7. Alternatively you can refrigerate and use as need it.
  8. Enjoy and stay healthy.


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