Christmas & Kerala’s Irresistible Christmas Dishes

Christmas & Kerala’s Irresistible Christmas Dishes

Christmas & Kerala’s Irresistible Christmas Dishes

Christmas & Kerala’s Irresistible Christmas Dishes

The spirit of Christmas is already in the air and this is without a doubt, the best time of the year. This is my favorite time when families and friends get together and celebrate the Christmas traditions in Kerala.  With that being said, I think this is the best time for me to share my experiences of Christmas & Kerala’s Irresistible Christmas Dishes. I still remember those days, visiting my friend to relish the wine collections and other staple Christmas recipes prepared by his grandma. Growing up, we had to wait for the mid-term exams before the Christmas holidays to get together and get our hands dirty in the kitchen. Christmas isn’t complete without plum cakes and traditional breakfast items like appamand stew. But, before I talk about some of the mouth-watering Christmas recipes we used to prepare, let’s see how big of a celebration Christmas is in Kerala.

Christmas in Kerala

As the Christmas approaches, you could find everyone here in a very enthusiastic and full celebration mode. The houses are decorated with stars that come in different sizes and shapes, carol groups in every lane that you go, cribs and Christmas trees in every households and church. Regardless of the age, people get down on the street, visit houses and sing carols to spread the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas flea markets can be seen across different parts of the state and people busy in purchasing locally made wine, varieties of cakes and other items that are used for decorating works. The auspicious occasion of Christmas is a big time for the family members when they get together to prepare and share food. On Christmas Eve, the people here attend the special prayers and midnight masses without fail.

The Christian faith reached the Kerala shores from different parts of the World during the early stages of the 1st century AD. Over the years, the community members have developed their own religious ceremonies, art forms, and festivals in Kerala. The spice merchants and ocean goers from around the World who visited Kerala has influenced the Christian cooking style.

Come, let us take a look at some of the Christmas special recipes:

The Plum Cake or the Christmas Fruit Cake

The plum cake recipes which I have tasted on a Christmas night is something that I will never forget. I still remember the plum cake which my friend’s grandma prepared that melted into my mouth. She thinks that you won’t be able to relish the taste of plum cakes which are bought from the stores as they are not very delectable and the best way to enjoy one is to cook yourself. Unquestionably, she is a specialist when it comes to preparing yummy plum cakes.

The dry fruits are soaked in alcohol for a couple of days prior to baking, which gives the cake an aromatic smell. In Kerala, people prefer rum while baking and some people like it alcohol-free.

Appam with Chicken/Mutton Stew

Come Christmas, these recipes are an inevitable staple breakfast combinations in most of the Christian homes in Kerala. Appam is a very popular breakfast item and the chicken or mutton stew is a traditional recipe which is usually prepared during Christmas and Easter. The stew is known to have its roots in England, but the home cooked version of stew is an improvised version which is mildly spicy and cooked in coconut milk. The vegetarian stew is another favorite that goes with appam or idiyappam or even bread.

Kerala Style Fish Moilee

Kerala style fish moilee (stew) is one of the most popular and traditional Christmas recipes which is served among a host of other seafood recipes. The moilee hails from Portugal and is believed to have arrived when they had a trade relation with Kerala. Just like the stew preparation, fish moilee is mildly spicy and uses coconut milk. The fish usually preferred are salmon, pomfret, tilapia or pearl spot fish. The fish is simmered in coconut milk which makes it creamy and curry leaves are added to enhance the flavour. Fish moilee is best served with appam, idiyappam or boiled rice.

Kerala Style Duck Curry

The Kerala style duck curry is yet another popular side dish prepared during Christmas, Easter and other Christian special occasions. This authentic recipe is a signature dish item in most of the kallu shaps (toddy shops) in the Kuttanad region of Kerala.

(Check out my previous blog on Toddy Experience in Kerala.)

This spicy and mouthwatering side dish known for its coconut milk gravy goes with anything. It’s hard to think of the best combination with duck curry, but some of the items best served with it are appam, idiyappam, kappa, boiled rice, chapathi, and bread.

Well, it is not completely a non-vegetarian menu you will have here for Christmas. We have some very authentic vegetarian dishes too.


Kumbilappam or jackfruit dumplings is an authentic snack dish prepared during the festive Easter and Christmas seasons. This sweet dish uses jackfruit, rice flour, jaggery and coconut which is steamed in bay leaves. The bay leaves are folded in shape of a cone and filled with the mixture and steamed for half an hour. The jackfruit is known for its health benefits, as it contains essential nutrients and is good for diabetes. Kumbilappam is healthy and an easy to prepare dish which is served with tea.

Vegetable Stew

Just like its non-vegetarian version, the vegetable stew is a staple healthy breakfast item. It is prepared using a mix of vegetable, coconut milk and is mildly spicy. This nutrient rich vegetable recipe is served with appam, idiyappam and chapathi. This delicious easy to cook dish is for anyone who is looking to start their day with a healthy breakfast.

Vegetable Korma

Vegetable kuruma is another coconut based side dish prepared here during the festive Christmas holidays. This delicious side dish is known for its thick gravy and usually served with chappathi, appam or poori.

And for dessert we have,

The Caramel Cake

Come Christmas, people buy a lot of baked goods and caramel cake is definitely a favorite for many. This showstopper recipe is an absolutely delicious cake which is eaten along with whipped cream or ice cream. In fact caramel cake is one of the reasons why I love Christmas 🙂

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to Eat, Drink and be Merry. We wish you all a delicious Christmas.

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