About Me

About Me

I’m so beyond grateful that you landed on this little website  😁. Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to Salt And Tamarind dot com.

I am  DS Panicker from Melbourne (originally from Kerala, India) a passionate culinary enthusiast,turned food blogger, turned food photographer. I’m seriously passionately, inexplicably in love with food and I just like being in the kitchen doing my thing.

I grew up in a culture where food brought families together.While growing up to watch my mother and my grand mother cooking made me exiting to be in the kitchen . My grandma was a connoisseur of all things in her own cuisine. My mother’s organizing skills in the kitchen is something which I was always fascinated about.

Food is everything to me. I believe we should know why we eat what we eat and it’s nutritive values.

Food is more than just a meal to me, I am quite fascinated about the history of every food item. I spend most of the time learning the story behind every recipe, uniqueness of each ingredient and the cultural importance of every cuisine.

I enjoy traveling, photography and eating fresh street food-street food, which offers such a variety in no time. I love Kerala cuisine to the most and but, food at home cooked by my mother stays on top of everything…. enough about me I guess, let me take you through the saltandtamarind story.


I have been trying out myriad of new tastes and flavors, and I have finally decided to share it with everyone. Thus saltandtamarind was created. While deciding on the name for the website I did not have a second thought and decided go to with two of most favourite ingredients the kitchen- the SALT and TAMARIND. I like the magical presence of salt and tamarind in any dish.( all my dearest Keralites will know what I am talking about- athe nammude,  uppum puliyum)


Note: Recipes on the blog should be considered as a guideline. The end product depends on seasonality of the products, product brands, cooking utensils, quality of ingredients,etc.

So folks, I cheer everyone to  GET INSPIRED & GET COOKING !

Thank you,

DS Panicker.