Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon

The word spoon is derived from a word meaning a chip of wood or horn carved from a larger piece. It is a utensil used in food preparation.



They are usually used for mixing ingredients for cooking or baking. They come in various sizes ranging from medium to large. They are usually flat but some may have a small dip in the middle.

They are used for stirring different kinds of food and beverages during its preparation. They have a tendency to absorb strong smells like that of onion and garlic but they are still preferred because of its multi functionality.

They are preferred over metal spoons as it does not transfer as much heat and can also be safely used without tampering the non-stick coating of the pan or utensil.

The wooden spoons are a must have in the kitchen and is preferred more.

  1. These spoons are strong and therefore can be used to stir thick things and can also scrape things off of the bottom of the utensil.
  2. They are easy on the cookware as it comparatively less rough on the cookware and therefore the coatings and finish of the utensils are intact.
  3. It is insulated therefore will not make sudden temperature changes to the food being prepared.
  4. It has a high tolerance for heat and so will not melt like the plastic spoons if left on the side of the pan. It can also be safely used to stir dishes that are really hot.
  5. Wood is non-reactive unlike the metal spoons in case of stirring acidic ingredients like lemon or tomato. Some metal spoons can react with the acids and leave a metallic taste and sometimes even change the colour of the food being prepared.
  6. Wooden spoons come in different shapes and sizes and therefore can be used as per the requirement.

For eg: there are wooden forks which is great for whisking jobs and can also be used to scrape around the corners. There are wooden spatulas available both big and small that can be used to scrape the bottom of pans. Some wooden spoons have an angled flattish bottom which is great to work with corners. Some come as flat and others with an oval deep bowl like feature.


Buying & Caring of Wooden Spoons


  1. It is better to buy spoons that are made of hard wood than soft wood. The soft wood spoons have a tendency to soak in too much oil and juices from the dishes being prepared. They could also give in the flavour of the wood to the dishes. It is therefore advised to buy spoons made of oak, maple or olive wood.
  2. To wash the wooden spoons it is better to avoid the dishwasher as the extreme heat can lead to drying out the wood and it will eventually crack. The wooden spoons can be washed by hand using warm soapy water and should be dried right away.
  3. Rub the wooden spoons out with some food grade mineral oil once in a month and leave them overnight. The excess can be wiped off. This method will prevent the spoons from drying out.
  4. In case the wood grain rises up after washing or boiling apply some coconut oil after a light sanding. This will prevent the spoon from becoming fuzzy and also from growth of bacteria.



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