Watermelon Juice....Beat The Heat!

Watermelon Juice....Beat The Heat!

Watermelon Juice….Beat The Heat!

Well..this summer has been particularly hot compared to last year’s, temperature is not going down at all, I guess. The scorching summer heat is hard on our bodies, our moods and everything..

I am sure,you know how important it is to stay hydrated all year round. Don’t let the temperature get you down..

Watermelon juice, is perfect to stay hydrated and of course such refreshing drink- will keep you definitely going.


  • Serves four portions.
  • Watermelon – 750 gms
  • Honey – 4 Tbsp
  • Water just enough to blend


  1. Peel, cut water melon and deseed (you don’t necessarily need to deseed- if you don’t seed like the seeds, then go ahead and deseed ).
  2. Blend everything together in a juicer and top it up with ice cubes.
  3. You can skip the honey if you want to..and you can also add any flavorings of your liking.

Bone Appetite & Happy Cooking!


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  1. bhagyalekshmi deepu says:

    Ya….beat the heat..&cool my eyesss….superb click?

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