tomato and chilly chutney

tomato and chilly chutney

Tomato and Chilly Chutney

Tomato and chilly chutney is a superb accompaniment for Dosa and Idli. If you don’t like spicy chutney’s , then this chutney is not as spicy as you may think, round chilly is added for the flavoring and you can also alter the amount of chilly you add.


  • Tomato – 250 gms
  • Oil – 1 Tbsp
  • Mustard seeds
  • Onion– 1 small, chopped
  • Green chilly- 4 pcs
  • Chilly powder – 1  Tbsp
  • Turmeric powder – 1 Tsp
  • Coriander leaves/ Cilantro – 1 Tbsp, chopped
  • Salt to taste


  1. Chop onion and tomato, blend them fine and keep aside.
  2. Heat up oil in a skillet, splutter mustard seeds.
  3. Add cut green chilliest to it and cook until translucent.
  4. Add Chilly powder and turmeric powder.
  5. Cook on a slow fire until the raw flavor goes off.
  6. Add the oniontomato paste to it.
  7. Cook on a slow fire for 10minutes.
  8. Adjust the seasoning and finish with cilantro leaves.

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