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Spicy Chicken & Egg Biriyani

Spicy Chicken & Egg Biriyani

Serves: 4-5

Time: 00:50 Hrs

Difficulty: Medium

Spicy Chicken & Egg Biriyani Chicken, rice and egg cooked together in a flavorful combination of spices such as cinnamon,cloves,cardamom,  mace, star anise and oniontomato based gravy. Spicy Chicken & Egg Biriyani is a complete […]

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prawns biriyani

Prawns Biriyani Kerala Style

Serves: 4

Time: 00:35 Hrs

Difficulty: Easy

Prawns biriyani Kerala style, is an easy-to-make dish, but extreme care should be taken not to over cook the shrimps and the juiciness should be maintained. Marinated shrimps are shallow fried in the vegetable oil […]

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