A spatula is a kitchen utensil that is hand-held and is mainly used for lifting, flipping or spreading. The spatula is broad, flat, thin and flexible blade. They have a long handle so as to keep the user’s hand far from hot surface or what is being lifted or spread


Spatulas are usually used to level out a dry measuring cup. It is a tool with two flat edges on a flexible blade. A spatula is usually short and about 8 inches long. A spatula also refers to a turner which is used to flip over pancakes and meat patties.

In the kitchen

American English usage


In American English, the rubber scrapper which is used for scraping or spreading by some people is known by the name spatula as it is also a flat utensil used for the same purposes.


A spatula is any kitchen utensil that fits this description. Some varieties are used to lift and flip the food items while cooking. The blades on these spatulas are either made of metal or plastic and a wooden or plastic handle to insulate then from heat.


The frosting spatula also goes by the name palette knife and is made of metal or plastic usually.


The bowl and plate scrapers are also called spatulas.

British English usage

Here the spatula is similar in shape to the palette knife without holes in a flexible and or detachable blade.


A fish slice is a wide –bladed utensil which has long holes in a solid blade and is used for turning food.


They are multipurpose kitchen tools that are an essential in the kitchen. The spatula that has a wide, thin blade at the end and with a handle that is bent upwards is used mainly to flip or turn food.

Spatulas that have a long handle with short, soft blades is used to mix or spread food.

The most common blade shapes are square or rectangle. They are usually flexible. They are longer on the right side than the left making it a little difficult for left handed people. There are spatulas that are available for them but are rare to find.

Spatulas are made of plastic or metal but wooden, rubber and silicone versions are also available. They come with a wooden or plastic handle to insulate them from the heat.


A spatula is an essential tool in the kitchen as it can be used for many types of cooking. They can be used to flip food while frying. They are also used to serve food. Some spatulas have blades that are slotted so as to allow liquids to flow through.

It can be used to mix ingredients or food. It is used to mix the batter during cake preparations.

It is used to spread the food like mayonnaise on bread.


Though there are two very distinct designs they are both called spatulas.


There are different varieties of spatula. A spatula used for frosting has a long and thin blade.


The spatulas with longer handles are designed to be used with barbeques or other open flame cooking.


The Chinese spatulas has one edge curved and are firmer are designed to be used with woks and also to handle large amounts of food.



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