A saucepan is a kitchen utensil that is usually used on top of a cooking stove for heating food or sauces or reducing sauces. They are also used to cook, sauté and also to reheat various foods like rice, pasta etc. This type of pan can be either shallow or deep. They come in different size ranges like large stockpots to smaller sauté pans and can be made from different materials like Aluminium or Stainless steel. Nowadays saucepans that are microwave friendly are also present in the market.

The heavier the gauge of the metal especially at the base it is said to be better for the utensil. This enables better and even heat distribution. This is important as it almost prevents sticking and burning in the saucepan. Saucepans are given a thick sheet of thermally conductive Aluminium at their base or have a copper-clad bottom. In some saucepans, the cooking surface is given a non-sticking coating like Teflon.

Saucepans which are high sided are better when heating foods with high liquid content and those that are low sided and flare sided are used when reducing sauces and other liquids.

A saucepan can be confused as a pan but it is actually a pot with a single long handle and a lid. . Pots usually come with two small handles at opposite ends and are used to reduce sauces or other liquids.


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