Refreshing Guava Milkshake Recipe

Refreshing Guava Milkshake Recipe

Refreshing guava milkshake recipe is very easy to make, this milkshake can be made in a jiffy.  Guava milkshake is an anytime  a day drink- can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner and  can also be enjoyed as a pre-meal drink.

Being grown up in a tropical climate, I should say a typical tropical climate (Kerala, South India) , I always had the luxury of eating good quality of guava fruits. I have fond memories of a guava tree that we had in our backyard giving us abundance of these goodies almost every time of the year. Well, in the market place we used to get them in different sizes and colors. But my personal favorite was the smaller ones, which I hardly see anywhere now.

Besides the unique taste and texture, guava is considered as one of the super fruits due to its health benefits. Guava is superbly rich in Vitamic-C and is good for treatment for constipation, cough,etc. For those who are really into skin maintenance, then this is one of the fruits you should always consider eating..

refreshing guava milkshake recipe

Try out this refreshing guava milkshake recipe and let me know your comments…


  • Guava – 5 each
  • Milk – 3/4 cup
  • Sugar – 100gms
  • Honey -50 ml
  • Vanilla ice cream – 4 scoops (optional)
  • Vanilla essence as needed (optional)


  1. Wash the guava under cold running water.
  2. Peel the skins off and dice the guava into dices.
  3. I prefer with the skin on, so I always keep the skin and dice them.
  4. In a jar blender, take the guava and milk.
  5. Just blend for minute and let the mix come together.
  6. Now you can add sugar, vanilla ice cream, vanilla essence and honey.
  7. Then blend to smooth consistency.
  8. Refrigerate for while and serve cold.

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