Pumpkin Erussery

Pumpkin Erussery

Pumpkin Erussery

Well, the Onam is around the corner and I must say that the Onam Sadya is incomplete without pumpkin erissery. All Keralites celebrate Onam unconditionally .
Onam Sadya is the vegetarian feast served on tender banana leaf. Sadya means banquet in Malayalam. Onam Sadya is the outstanding part of the Onam celebrations.
I have fond memories of Onam Sadya from my childhood, there is nothing beats sitting on the floor, cross legged enjoy the multi course feast with my friends and family. I have always liked the funny part of it than enjoying the meal itself. The elaborate feast contains at least 26- 30 delectably delicious items. It’s quite bit of a running that me and my cousins used to do while setting up the sadya for everyone in the family. And, we have always made it a point to follow the tradition while serving the Sadya.
Sadya is served on a tender banana leaf, the tip of the banana leaf faces the left hand side of the person eating. Start serving from the tip side of the banana leaf and the top half is used for serving all the curries. Salt is the first item to start with , then the pappadam, ripe banana, banana chips, sharkara varatti, pickles, kichadi, pachadi, olan,kaalan, thoran,erissery, avial,etc . Then four or five servings of rice will be served with parippu curry,sambar, rasam, pulissery, pacha moru etc will be followed by a large selection of payasams such as ada pradhaman, paal payasam, parippu payasam,etc..And, yes Onam comes only once in an year and I used to take maximum advantage of scrumptious spread.

What I like to the most about the erissery is the mild sweetness from chunks of pumpkin and the element crunchiness from the mung beans.There are so many variations of erissery is available all across Kerala. Pumkin with mung beans, pumpkin the kidney beans ,etc ..the most common is with the mung beans.
I have tweaked the traditional recipe little bit without compromising the authenticity of the dish.


  • Pumpkin – 400 gms, medium diced
  • Mung Beans – 100 gms
  • Grated coconut  – 150 gms
  • Cumin seeds – ½ Tsp
  • Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
  • Garlic – 3 cloves
  • Black pepper – 1 Tsp
  • Chilly powder – 1 Tsp
  • Coconut oil- 1 Tbsp
  • Mustard seeds – ½ Tsp
  • Dried red chilly- 2 pcs
  • Urad dal – 1 Tbsp
  • Shallots – 50 gms
  • Salt to taste.


      1. Soak the mung beans over night and keep.
      2. Peel the pumpkin skin, remove the seeds , cut into medium sized dices.
      3. In a medium sized pot, take diced pumpkin, mung beans and add water just enough to cover the pumpkin, add salt and bring  it to a boil
      4. Once it reaches the boiling point, throw in half a sprig of curry leaves, reduce the flame to medium low and continue cooking keeping the lid on.
      5.   When the pumpkin just cooked, make sure not to over cook, take a spoon (preferably wooden spoon) and using the back side of the spoon  smash the pumpkin(smash just 50% of the pumpkin the only). Also make sure the mung beans is just cooked and still crunchy from inside. You can also cook mung beans separately and add to the pumpkin
      6. I just wanted to have mung beans cooked  together with the pumpkin(soaking the mung beans over night helps here ).
      7. While pumpkin-mung beans mix is getting cooked, in a food processor, take the grated coconut, half a sprig of curry leaves, cumin seeds, garlic cloves, black pepper, chilly powder and coarsely grind everything together.
      8. Add the coconut-spice mix to the cooked pumpkin and stir-in well and continue to cook for another 5 minutes more.
      9. The tempering needs to be made separately, to make the tempering, heat up coconut oil in skillet add mustard seeds, curry leaves , dried chilly and let it splutter. Now add the urad dal and  sliced shallots and cook until it is nice golden brown in color.
      10. Add the tempering into the pumpkin-mung bean mix and stir-in gently. Adjust the seasoning and serve hot.


Bone Appetite & Happy Cooking!



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  1. Superbly done, very well explained. While reading the post I felt as if I was eating pumpkin erussery with rice. Good job.
    I have been following your blog post’s and I really appreciate the time and energy you put out to make this. Thank you,Deepu.

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