An oven is a thermally insulated enclosed compartment used for heating, baking or drying of an ingredient or a mix of ingredients. It is most commonly used for cooking. Special-purpose ovens used in pottery and metal working are called Kilns and Furnaces respectively.

Types of ovens


  • Double oven:

This oven is usually built into the kitchen cabinet. They either have two ovens or one oven and a microwave oven.


  • Microwave oven:

The source of heat used to cook food in this type of oven is micro-radiation waves as opposed to a fire source.



  • Earth oven:

A pit is dug into the ground and then the heat is produced by usually rocks and burning debris. The cooking time is usually longer. The process is cooking by slow roasting of the food.


  • Ceramic oven:

This oven is constructed out of clay or any other ceramic material. It comes in different forms depending on the culture. In India it is commonly known as the Tandoor and uses it for cooking. The brick ovens mainly found in Italy are also a type of ceramic oven. They use it to prepare pizza.

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  • Gas oven:

This oven uses flammable gases like natural gas, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas as a fuel source. This oven has the advantage of being easily adjustable and can be turned off when not in use.


Masonry oven:

These ovens have a baking chamber which is made of fireproof bricks, concrete, stone or even clay.  They are often heated with natural gas or electricity. They are used for making bread and pizza.



Toaster oven:

These are small electric ovens that have a front door, wire rack and a removable baking pan. They are much larger than toasters. They can function as an electric oven but on a much smaller scale.


Wall oven:

These ovens are mounted at waist level or even eye level so as to eliminate bending. They are also placed at times under a countertop to save up space. These ovens make it easier to work with large roasting pans.



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