Oven Glove (Mitt)

Oven Glove (Mitt)

It is advised that an oven glove or an oven mitten is worn to handle hot objects like ovens, cookware, and stoves while working in the kitchen to protect the wearer’s hand.


The difference between an oven glove and an oven mitten is that a glove is clothing that covers the whole hand and there are separate finger openings or sheaths for each hand.


Mittens are gloves that cover the entire hand but there are no separate sheaths or finger openings. Mostly, the thumb is separated from the rest of the four fingers.

Oven gloves can be a fabric glove which consists of a decorative cotton fabric with heat insulation on the inside. Silicone treated oven gloves are the latest in trend. This makes them resistant to water and stains. Gloves are also made from Kevlar or Nomex which are stronger synthetic materials.


Ensure that the oven gloves are only used when dry and only for short periods at a time. It is important to note that the gloves should not come into contact with heating elements, gas flames or similar sources of high temperature.

Also, Fabric gloves will not protect against hot liquids.

It is advised to use the furnace gloves, or furnace mitts, to protect the user from intense heat for longer periods of time as they are more heavily insulated and longer.




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