mango sago pudding

mango sago pudding

Mango and Sago Pudding

The sweet and rich mango pulp is mixed with milk and pre-cooked sago balls. Mango and Sago pudding is one of  the well-liked desserts in India. When mangoes are in season, this one of the best dishes you can try out. You just need to be careful while selecting the mangoes to get ripe and fiberless mangoes.


  • Mangoes – 3 nos
  • Condensed milk – 100 ml
  • Sago- 75 gms
  • Sugar- 2 Tbsp(optional)


  1. Soak the sago in water for 30 minutes.
  2. Wash and peel mangoes. Cut and remove as much as mango flesh as possible.
  3. Keep some chopped for garnish
  4. Take the mango and condensed milk in food processor and blend them to a very fine consistency.
  5. Boil sago. When cooked, remove and cool it down under cold running water.
  6. In a combine the mango pulp and condensed milk mixture with sago and refrigerate.
  7. While serve, dish the pudding out in serving bowls and garnish with chopped mangoes.
  8. Serve cold.

Note: I have used Alphonso variety of mango, you can use mango of your choice as long as it has got no fiber.

Add sugar as per your taste, as I have not added sugar in it.


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