A ladle or dipper is a kind of a spoon that is used for soup, stew or other such foods. A typical ladle has a long handle which ends with a deep bowl. The bowl is usually oriented at an angle to the handle to help lifting the liquid out of a pot or any other vessel and transferring it to a bowl. Sometimes a point is given on the bowl to allow for easier stream when pouring the liquid. This can be inconvenient for left handed users and therefore now most ladles features such pinches on both sides.


A spoodle is a spoon ladle.


Ladles are usally made from stainless steel alloys but they can also be made of aluminium, silver, plastics, melamine resin, wood, bamboo etc.



They come in a wide range of sizes depending upon the use. The ones used for sauces or condiments are less than 5 inches in length.


There are ladles that are 15 inches in length that are used for soup or punches.


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