Kerala’s famous Non-Vegetarian Dishes

Kerala’s famous Non-Vegetarian Dishes

Kerala’s famous Non-Vegetarian Dishes

All right folks, it’s time for me to introduce Kerala’s famous Non-Vegetarian Dishes..

Kerala’s love affair with non-vegetarian food does not need any introduction. Every non-vegetarian dishes prepared here tastes as good as it smells. The abundant and different variety of spices available has influenced the styles of preparation across Kerala. The non-veg menu offers a wide variety of delicacies from chicken, mutton, beef, and duck to a delectable range of seafood dishes that is a real treat for your taste buds.

Here are some of the popular non-vegetarian dishes that you should try out while in Kerala:

Fish Molee and Rice

Fish molee is a Kerala style fish curry which is stewed in coconut milk and less spicy. The curry is flavoured with cardamom, turmeric, curry leaves and it goes well with rice.

Karimeen Pollichathu

Karimeen (pearl spot fish) pollichathu is one of the most favoured and traditional fish delicacy. This marinated and roasted fish which is wrapped in a banana leaf is a top selling dish in the toddy shops of Kerala.

Kappa and Fish Curry

Kappa (tapioca) and fish curry is a killer combination and also a staple breakfast recipe in most parts of the state. Usually the Kerala style sardine curry flavoured with ginger, garlic and chilly powder is served with Kappa that makes you say Mmmm.

Kozhikode Biriyani

The Kozhikode biriyani is a revolutionary biriyani recipe. This north Kerala recipe isn’t spicy and mostly prefer dry spices and is known for its aromatic smell and taste.

 Mutton Stew with Appam

Kerala's famous Non-Vegetarian Dishes

Mutton screw and appam

Mutton stew with appam (rice pancake) is an absolute combination and a favorite breakfast item for the Malayalis.

Kerala Style Duck Curry

Also known as “Nadan Tharavu Curry” is spicy dish from the central Kerala. It is usually prepared by Kerala Christians during festivals like Christmas, Easter and weddings. It is also a popular dish in the toddy shops, which is served with Kappa (tapioca dish)

Nadan Chemmeen Curry

The traditional Chemmeen (prawn) curry is easily a favorite seafood dish item for the Keralites. What makes it different from the usual prawn curries is the use of grated coconut. The main ingredients are grated coconut, ginger, garlic, tamarind, chilly powder and when cooked in the earthen pots supplements its flavour.

Kallumakkaya Fry

Kallummekkaya (Mussel) fry is one of the iconic dishes of Malabar (Northern Kerala). This is a spicy dish which goes very well with rice.

Beef Fry and Kerala Porotta

An absolutely sensational combination of beef fry and Kerala porotta (don’t get confused with the Paratha) is a must try when in Kerala.

If you are an ardent fan of non-vegetarian food, a vacation to the land of spices and coconut would be ideal.


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