Kallumakkaya Roast/ Chippi Roast/ Mussels Roast

Kallumakkaya Roast/ Chippi Roast/ Mussels Roast

Kallumakkaya Roast/ Chippi Roast/ Mussels Roast

Kallumakkaya Roast/ Chippi Roast/ Mussels Roast

Yet another famous seafood delicacy from Kerala. Kallumakkaya Roast/ Chippi Roast/ Mussels Roast is most favoured along the coastal districts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu even though it is a seasonal seafood. Kallumakkaya is the Malayalam word for Mussels and it’s known as Chippi in Tamil language.

Mussels are boiled and then cooked cooked in a typical Kerala style spice mix. Kallumakkaya roast gained it’s popularity through the Kallu Shappu (Toddy Shops). It’s said that ‘if you want to try the best kallumakkaya roast, you should always try it from Kallu shappu’. Kallumakkaya roast is prepared in a unique way at toddy shops in Kerala and they tend to be spicy yet mouth watery delicious.

Kallumakkaya Roast/ Chippi Roast/ Mussels Roast

The seafood love for Keralites is not a secret, thanks to long stretching coastal region of Kerala. Fish curries (Ayala, Neymeen ), fish fries (Parava, Neymeen) and seafood curries are made at every house hold on a daily basis. The other famous seafood delicacy from Kerala is Kakka Irachi Thoran, eventhough it is a thoran, steps involved in the preparation is similar Kallumkkaya Roast.

Making of kallumakkaya roast is time consuming and laborious to remove the shells. But the end product will never disappoint you, definitely worth spending your time and effort.

I hope you try out this wonderful Kallumakkaya Roast/ Chippi Roast/ Mussels Roast recipe and let me know your feedback. Best enjoyed with boiled rice and onion,tomato,lemon salad on the side.

Kallumakkaya Roast/ Chippi Roast/ Mussels Roast Recipe..



  1. Clean the shells and boil the mussels in water until the shells open(this should take about 15-20 minutes)
  2. In the mean time, heat oil in kadai (cooking vessel), fry curry leaves and dry chilly.
  3. Sprinkle powdered spices and cook on a slow fire until the raw flavor goes off.
  4. Add green chilly and onion and saute well over medium heat 2-3 minutes.
  5. Then add crushed ginger and garlic into it.
  6. Continue to cook for another 5 minutes.
  7. When the onions are soft, add tomato.
  8. Cook until the tomatoes are mushy and mixture has come together.
  9. When the mussels are done, strain,  remove the shells and clean (see the notes).
  10. Add the cleaned mussels and cover with lid.
  11. Continue cook for 5 minutes on a medium high heat, stirring occasionally.
  12. Adjust the seasoning and serve hot.

Note: Clean the mussels under cold running water by scrubbing. Make sure to remove the beard attached to it by pulling or cutting it using a knife. Removing the beard is very important as this may cause stomach discomfort.

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  1. I gave a try yesterday….. n the end result just splendid…. thx for ur uploads…. n keep going….

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