nongu/ice apple sherbet

nongu/ice apple sherbet

Ice Apple/ Nongu Sherbet

A superb drink to beat the heat of this extended summer. Since I wanted to taste the natural sugar in it,I have not added any extra sugar in it while making, you can try this with the sugar if you would like it to be sweet. You can even blend the pulp into smooth paste as well if you prefer..

Ice apple or plamyra fruit is obtained from plamyra palm or toddy palm and is seen widely growing predominantly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


  • Ice apple – 4 ea
  • Water to mix


  1. Trim the top part of fruit, remove the pulp slowing using a spoon.
  2. Collect the pulp in a container and mix with a tiny bit of water along with it’s natural juice.

Note: You can refrigerate the juice before serving it or add some ice cubes to chilled the sherbet.


Bone Appetite & Happy Cooking!




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