How To Cook Perfect Quinoa-Every Time

How To Cook Perfect Quinoa-Every Time

How To Cook Perfect Quinoa- Every Time

Well, How To Cook Perfect Quinoa-Every Time is quite an arguable topic but, I am going to explain to you all the best/ perfect way to cook perfect quinoa – every time.

I have come across so many different styles of cooking quinoa and they all are right. But which style produces better flavour, texture and yield?

How To Cook Perfect Quinoa-Every Time

All right, let’s begin. Always measure the quinoa first, so take one cup of quinoa and rinse it under cold running water for a minute ( just refer the label, if it’s pre-rinsed then you don’t have to rinse it again) and let it drain. Heat up thick bottomed vessel on a slow fire and add olive oil, Let the oil heat up and add quinoa seeds.

Have you experienced the bitterness of quinoa? Here is the trick, washing quinoa helps remove any lingering traces of its bitter tasting coating.

Roast the quinoa on slow fire until it turns golden brown in colour and smell nutty. Well, by this time you will be able hear the popping sound and that means quinoa is ready to take water. Add 2 cups of hot water ( water should be always double quantity of quinoa, just like rise). Hot water is preferred, so keep the hot water ready before hand.

Let it come to boil, once boiling reduce the fire to simmer and add in salt ( you can go ahead add which ever spices or flavour of your liking). Cover with a lid and cook on simmering fire for about 18-20 minutes(again refer the package label for the cooking time).

Cook  until soft. When cooked it will be soft and fluffy(there should be no water on the bottom). Using the back side of the wooden spoon, just give a slow mixing. Let sit for a good 5 minutes with lid on before using. Once the quinoa is perfectly cooked, the volume increases by three fold.

Now that you have learned How To Cook Perfect Quinoa-Every Time and make sure to follow the same recipe every time to get perfectly cooked quinoa.

How To Cook Perfect Quinoa-Every Time  Recipe With step by step photos..

Step 1; Heat olive oil or any oil of your choice..

How To Cook Perfect Quinoa-Every Time

Step 2; Add washed quinoa, stir fry on a slow fire until golden brown in colour and nutty in flavour..

How To Cook Perfect Quinoa-Every Time

Step 3; Add hot water, salt or any spices  you want and let it come to boil..

How To Cook Perfect Quinoa-Every Time

Step 4; Once boiling, reduce the fire to simmer, cover with lid and cook until should take about 18-20 minutes..

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Step 5; When done, remove from the fire, give it gentle mix and let it for a good 5 minutes. Now your quinoa is ready to use.

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