Food Processor

Food Processor

A versatile kitchen appliance that can simplify repetitive tasks like chop, slice, shred, and grind or puree that is required in the preparation of food is known as the Food Processor. There are models that can do much more than the mentioned tasks like making citrus or vegetable juices, kneading bread dough, grinding meat and vegetables, beating cake batter or egg whites.

There are different types of food processors, some are electric and motor driven and some are manual models.

m             A crank-operated food processor (Manual)


  An Electric food processor

Difference between Food Processor and Blenders

They are similar in many forms but have differences. The differences are

  1. In food processors the blades and disks are interchangeable unlike the fixed blade in case of the blender.
  2. The blending bowl of the food processor is usually wider and shorter which is apt for the solid or semi –solid foods that have to be processed.
  3. The blender required a little amount of liquid so as to facilitate the movement of the food particles around the blade. Little or no liquid is needed for the operation of the food processor.


They have multiple functions which depend on the placement and type of attachment or blade. These functions normally include:

  • They can slice/ chop vegetables
  • They can grind items such as nuts, seeds, meat, or dried fruit
  • They can shred or grate cheese or vegetables
  • They can pulverize
  • They can mix and knead dough

Design and operation


The base of the food processor is where the motor is placed. This turns the vertical shaft. The blending bowl fits around the shaft. This bowl is usually made of transparent plastic. The different cutting blades/ attachments can be attached to the shaft as per the process that is required to be done. The blades fit in such a way that they operate near the bottom of the blending bowl. The shredding or slicing blades when fixed spin near the top portion of the bowl. The lid which has a “feed tube” is then used to close the bowl.

The feeding tube serves the purpose of a chute through which the user can introduce food items to the shredding or slicing disks. A “pusher” comes along with the set which is shaped in such a way that it can slide through the feed tube thereby protecting the user’s fingers. The feed tube also allows ingredients to be added as required during the chopping, grinding or pureeing process is happening.


Food Processor Attachments

The standard attachments for a food processor are an S-shaped blade which is also known as a Sabatier blade and shredding and slicing discs/ attachments.


All the modern food processors have safety devices. This prevents the motor from operating if the bowl is not properly held to the base or also if the lid is not properly secured to the bowl.


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