Fish Molly/ Fish Molee/Kerala Style Fish Stew

Fish Molly/ Fish Molee/Kerala Style Fish Stew

Fish Molly/ Fish Molee/Kerala Style Fish Stew

Fish Molly/ Fish Molee/Kerala Style Fish Stew

A very unique fish curry or stew from Kerala, unique in taste, color and flavor. The medium spicy, light yellow in color and mild  coconut flavored fish stew  stand out of the rest. Fish Molly/ Fish Molee/Kerala Style Fish Stew is made with onion, coconut milk, tomatoes , green chilly and turmeric powder.

I have used salmon to make this dish but I prefer to use seer fish or pomfret. I thought I had seer fish with me in the fridge, when it was time for me to the dish I realized that I had no seer fish or pomfret in the fish. Lucky me, I had a couple of slices salmon to rescue me,  otherwise I would have to run to the super market to get some as I have made rest of the prep ready for the molly.

I hope you all will try out this fabulous Fish Molly/ Fish Molee/Kerala Style Fish Stew at home and drop me a comment in the comment section below.

Fish Molly/ Fish Molee/Kerala Style Fish Stew Recipe.



  1. Clean and cut fish into medium dices
  2. In a kadai or skillet, heat up coconut oil and add fry curry leaves.
  3. Let the flavor infuse and add sliced onion.
  4. Saute for a minute and add crushed ginger, garlic, salt and green chilly
  5. Saute until it turns translucent and add powdered spices such as turmeric and chilly powder.
  6. On a slow fire, saute and let the spices cook.
  7. Pour in thin coconut milk and let it reduce to half on a slow fire.
  8. Now add the thick coconut milk and bring to a boil.
  9. Slow down the fire, add fish pieces, tomato and let it cook.
  10. When the fish is almost done, add lemon and check the seasoning.
  11. Now your fish molly/ molee/ kerala style fish stew is ready.
  12. Serve with rice and enjoy.

Note: I have used salmon since I did not have either seer or pomfret, It’s ideal to use either of these two. For some people salmon may be too strong of a flavor, you may substitute the fish as per the availability.

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