Dough Sheeter

Dough Sheeter

A kitchen machine that rolls out consistent pieces of dough sheets to a desired thickness is known as a dough sheeter. The outcome is that the sheets are smooth, uniform and completed in a few minutes. It is much more easy and perfect than rolling by hand. The Dough Sheeting technology is used for industrial purposes like in bakeries.



Dough sheeters compress the dough by pushing it between two or more rotating rollers.

A smooth and consistent dough sheet is produced at the end of the process.  To reduce the dough to the required thickness it is passed through one or several rollers. The dough sheet is then shaped into the dough product to be made.

The dough sheeting technology is mainly used for products like croissants and pastries that require laminated dough. They are also used for the production of pizza, flatbread and bread.


Dough sheeters come in various sizes. They are built on the same principle as a small hand-cranked pasta press used to roll out pasta. The technology is used in large industrial machines which are used in commercial bakeries and other food industries. The dough sheeters can work with a variety of doughs but it depends on the machine manufacturer. The commercial –grade dough sheeters are costly. The cost depends on the capacity of the machine.


The result of using a dough sheeter is that it converts the dough from individual dough batch to continuous dough sheets. This brings less damage to the gluten network and they can also laminate layers of dough together.


  • A large capacity of dough can be handled at a time.
  • High quality dough can be processed at high capacities.
  • Handle variety of dough types.


Dough sheeters are commonly used for pizza crusts, flatbreads, pie crusts, pastry dough and cake fondant that is needed in large quantity.

Fondant cakaes

Fondant is a sugary, smooth icing that are an integral part of bakeries that are especially into baking and cake creation. The fondants should be rolled out with at most care as it will show all imperfections otherwise.  Sheeters are used to roll out fondants as it can make smooth and thin pieces within very little time.



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