Curry, The Universal Dish

Well, I thought me being an Indian have the responsibility to explain what exactly is curry to this world for the simple reason being the word is being used as generic term everywhere . The word curry is being used- and misused- most commonly, a curry outside India is, any dish of Indian origin which has got Indian herbs or spices.

Curry is essentially any dish of vegetables, meat, fish, seafood or combination of vegetable and meat or fish or seafood cooked in Indian spices and herbs.   The origin of the word curry has been a topic of bebate for many years and no one seems to have to come a conclusion as when, where and how the word curry was originated. But the world has taken the dish , curry and have made their own versions of it. Now that curry has become so popular that the people all across the globe and from all walks of life enjoy curry. The versatility of curry has made it an ‘universal dish’   and the restaurants all across the globe have made their own versions of it! I have made my own  versions of it too (just kidding!)

What makes a curry,  a curry?


Regional influences?

Different Herbs and spices used?




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