A kitchen appliance which is used to mix, purée, blend food and other substances is known as a blender. A typical blender is of the stationary type. It consists of a blender jar and at the bottom is the rotating metal blade. The electric motor at the base is how this blender is powered. So blenders are very powerful that it can crush ice. The latest version of the blender is the immersion blender. In this model the motor is on the top and is connected by a shaft to the rotating blades at the end. Such blenders can be used with any container.


Different blenders offer different functions and features. The must have features in a stationary blender include

  1. Visible measurement marks so that it is easier to see during preparation of food.
  2. It should be user- friendly
  3. Some blenders make loud noise during use which is least preferred.
  4. The power usage should typically be 300-1000 watts
  5. Cleaning the blender should be easy.
  6. The option for quick “pulse” blending should be available.


Countertop blenders

The countertop blenders usually have a blending container capacity of 1-2 litres (4-8 cups). The blending container can be glass, plastic or stainless steel. The heavier and more stable is the glass type. Stainless steel is favoured for its looks but it constraints the visibility of the blend as it is being blended. Plastic is commonly used but is prone to scratches and also tends to absorb the smell of the blended food.

These blenders usually offer 3-16 speed settings but that is not necessarily an indication of increased utility.

The shape of the blending container is in such a way that it allows the food materials to circulate through the blades instead of just spinning around.


Immersion blenders

They are also known as stick blenders. They do not come with a blending container. The mixing head which has the rotating blades is immersed into the container the user wants. These are usually used when the food to be blended are too large to fit into a counter blender’s container. These blenders are ideal for small and certain particular tasks. They do not have the versatility that the counter blender offers.


The countertop blenders are designed to mix, purée, and chop food and high powered ones also crush ice.

Latest Application


The latest version of the blender is the Smoothie blender, which is a specialized blender that makes Smoothies and Frappucinos and other frozen drinks.



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