Authentic Ayurveda Experience in Kerala

Authentic Ayurveda Experience in Kerala

Authentic Ayurveda Experience in Kerala

Authentic Ayurveda Experience in Kerala

With a moderate temperature, abundant monsoon showers, rare varieties of Ayurvedic medicinal plants and pristine nature has helped people in Kerala make Ayurveda a way of life. The tropical forests of Kerala are blessed with Ayurvedic herbs that are found nowhere else on the planet.

 People usually think of spas and resorts when they think of Ayurveda. But Ayurveda is more than that. It is the oldest healthcare system in the World which follows a holistic approach towards life. I remember those good old days when the eldest members in our family cannot take a bath without an oil massage with ayurvedicremedies prepared with home grown herbs.

The Ashtavaidyas or the Ayurvedic treatment was their prime option for any kind of illness and so was their diet. Like I mentioned before, it is a way of life for them.

 Ayurvedic Diet

The digestion and nutritional aspects of food has a remarkable connection. Let me brief you about the influence of the nutritional aspects of food in Ayurveda.

There are 8 factors:

Prakriti – is the nature of the food
Karana – the way food is processed
Samyoga – combinations of different food
Rashi – the quantity of food
Desha – the influence of region on food
Kaala – influence of time on food
Upayoga samastha – the rule in dietetics
Upayoktha – the person who consumes the food.

 Following these aspects can help anyone stay healthy. I think it is high time that I talk about some of the important Ayurvedic recipes of Kerala.

 Eating it Right

Turmeric Buttermilk

Authentic Ayurveda Experience in Kerala

Authentic Ayurveda Experience in Kerala

 A staple and easy to prepare drink in Kerala. Ingredients you need are small amount of turmeric leaf along with ginger, small amount of chilly, curd and natural salt. In Kerala nothing is complete without curry leaves. So few curry leaves as well to the drink and then mixed well.

 Healthy salad

The main ingredient used are sprouts (black gram or green gram) which are high in nutrient value. Other ingredients are coconut oil, lemon juice, slightly cooked snake gourd, salt and pepper.

 Ellu Njavara Rice

 Njavara rice is one of the most healthiest and protein rich food. The red rice called the Njavara rice is a unique grain plant endemic to Kerala. Cultivated during the summer in Kerala, people of all ages have this food as it holds medicinal properties.

 There are even more recipes that are part of the diet for people here. Kerala has a thousand-year old Ayurvedictradition that aims at the wellness of every person. It is not just about the food we eat, but how we prepare and the way we consume it. In fact food is the medicine.

Authentic Ayurveda Experience in Kerala..

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