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My name is Deepu Panicker. I hail from Kattakada, a small town, 20Kms away from Thiruvananthapuram, capital city of God’s own country-Kerala, India. I am a trained chef, food photographer, recipe developer and a food blogger. I enjoy doing wine and food pairing as well. I have graduated from one of the finest Hotel Management institutes in India, Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Kerala.

I have spent more than 15 years working in various cruise ships in U. S. A. I was quite lucky to get exposed to almost all regional cuisines. To find out story behind every food was quite amazing. Life on board cruise ships helped me sharpen my culinary skills and the experience and knowledge gained from working with 65 different nationalities is unmatchable.

While growing up to watch my mother, Sreekumari and my grand mother, Subhashini, cooking made me exiting to be in the kitchen . My grandma was a connoisseur of all things in her own cuisine. My mother’s organizing skills in the kitchen is something which I was always fascinated about.

Food is everything to me. I believe we should know why we eat what we eat and it’s nutritive values.

Food is more than just a meal to me, I am quite fascinated about the history of every food. I spend most of the time learning the story behind every recipe, uniqueness of each ingredient and the cultural importance of every cuisine.

I enjoy traveling, photography and eating fresh street food-street food offers such a variety in no time. I love Kerala cuisine to the most . My favorites include Mexican, Italian, Thai and Indonesian. But my mother’s recipes stays on top of all as always…